27 Dec

December’s food, drinks , social Gathering & and WORRIES !!!


Many of us December means family/friends Gathering food and sweet everywhere .. we got out a little more

. Each one of us has a different relationship with food someone of us enjoys these food gathering without any problems . Many other have an inner battle every time , they’re encountered with food with Gathering , they ofen feel anxious, being eat without control and end up worrying and feeling guilty after every tiny thing they eat which can be determintal to our mental health .

LETS PLEASE REMEMBER that FOOD should NEVER be a source of guilt.

should NEVER be referred as means of punishing to burn that “extra” calories we ate last night .

DECEMBER IS just a week out of 48 weeks in year . Family/friends Gathering happens for days to remember to build the best memories with your beloved once,

Not for punishing yourself ! So what if you’re a bit more indulgent?

























REMEMBER that rigid restrictive diet is far from being healthy and it leads to Yo-Yo Diet,

The healthier diet starts right from having a healthy mindset & relationship with food

Connect to your body,

Listen to it & ENJOY your festival season.


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