08 May

Potatoes Sautée Garlic butter

Potatoes Sautée Garlic butter الترجمه بالعربي 👇🏻 Potatoes Sautée with frsh thyme garlic butter and Stuffed broccoli are fabulous. They are crispy Outside and very tender Inside .. and very fluffy for ramadan iftar side dishes . Its a grat way to alternative your way of cooking instead of the cooking routine starches dishes like […]

07 May

Veggies Stir-Fry

Veggies Stir-Fry الترجمه بالعربي 👇🏻 Veggies stir fried with tons of veggies in a homemade sweet asian sauce. The tastiest ready in 20 minutes! You can never go wrong with a good stir-fry laoded with a colourful of veggies and nutrients for RAMADAN iftr side dishes , i love how colourful this Stir-fry is .And […]

05 May

Zucchini Carrots Fritters

الترجمه بالعربي 👇🏻   Zucchini Carrots Fritters   This fritters are something you need to make on Your RAMADAN So7our! How so crispy these comes out either baked or fried .. you have to eating them with mashed avocado or labnah on top..!They really can go with anything your having on the side 👌🏻🔥   […]

02 May

Baked Bulgur ‘Qinuoa Falafel (طعميه)

   الترجمه بالعربي بأسفل البلوج BAKED BULGUR’ QUINOA FALAFEL W/ LEMON TAHINI SAUCE   This baked falafel recipe is a much healthier alternative to the traditional version, packed with greens and baked to perfection for crispy edges. I was thinking after i became a nutritionist and i decided to transfer our food to a healthy, […]

22 Apr

Sweet Potatoes Tortillas

Two ingredient paleo Sweet potatoes tortillas! Life-changing recipe for tortillas, ready in minutes! These tortillas have 42 calories and are loaded with veggies to keep you healthy and satisfied. Delicious, easy, and mind-blowing-easy recipe for homemade tortillas. World breaking news guys: I just created cauliflower tortillas with just two ingredients!!! I’m beyond stoked about these […]

20 Jan


الوصفه بالعربي أسفل الانجليزي This is my all time favorite Healthlisiouce way to make Guacamole, that is why I call it “The Best Homemade Guacamole”. This Creamy Avocado Dip Recipe comes together in 5 minutes with just 4 ingredients! An appetizer for any occasion, this basic guacamole dip is ultra smooth, fresh and flavorful. This […]

28 Dec


TURMERIC ZUCCHINI SOUP (PALEO, VEGAN, KETO) الوصفه بالعربي أسفل الإنجليزي Cooked with creamy coconut milk , this zucchini soup is healing and nutritious, perfect for those with digestion or gut-health issues or simply looking for a light yet satisfying meal. It’s paleo,vegan, gluten-free, keto and Whole30 friendly. This is a very light zucchini soup. I […]

09 Dec

Crispy Stuffed Hassel-Beck Potatoes with GUACAMOLE

Crispy Stuffed Hasselbeck Potatoes with Guacamole I love to try a new variations , so I made those oven baked Potatoes to kick out of my craving to fried , also it’s a family request . They’re not only crispy on the outside & “Tender “ on the inside “. This oven baked Hassel-back potato […]