29 Nov

Creamy Carrots Sweetpotato soup

    Creamy Carrots Sweetpotato Soup This sweet potato and carrot soup is flavourful and totally comforting and totally healthy. It only requires a handful of ingredients and is perfect for cold days!   Ingredients 1 red onion 4 garlic cloves 2 sweet potato  (about 3)  large carrots  2 cups water or vegetable stock 2 tbsp […]

06 May

Oatmeal Soup

الترجمه بالعربي The ultimate healthy Oatmeal soup for Ramadan Iftar ngredients : Half cup Quick-cook oatmealHalf a cup of cornCup zipped cutCup carrots choppedCup boiled cauliflower Half cup chopped onion (medium size onion)3 tablespoons of olive oil or butter3 cup bone or vegetable brothSalt and black pepperAnd cardamom is groundBay leaves. INSTRUCTIONS: Add the onions […]

15 Feb

The Best Healthy Mushroom Soup

The best healthy mushroom soup that’s creamy, packed with mushroom flavor, and easy to make, low carb| dairy free | vegan | paleo | Whole30 | and keto friendly | dairy free.الترجمه بالعربي اسفل الانجليزي This is the best ever mushroom soup! . I’m always keeping a lookout for any warm, nutritious soup to warm […]

28 Dec


TURMERIC ZUCCHINI SOUP (PALEO, VEGAN, KETO) الوصفه بالعربي أسفل الإنجليزي Cooked with creamy coconut milk , this zucchini soup is healing and nutritious, perfect for those with digestion or gut-health issues or simply looking for a light yet satisfying meal. It’s paleo,vegan, gluten-free, keto and Whole30 friendly. This is a very light zucchini soup. I […]